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Dublin town planning prize awarded
The plan for Dublin: Prof. Abercrombie's idea include a new centre square near the Four Courts with a number of great streets emanating from it. Photo: 'Dublin of the Future' by Patrick Abercrombie, Sydney Kelly & Arthur Kelly. Via the Internet Archive (

Dublin town planning prize awarded

Dublin, 26 January 1917 - A special prize of £500 in respect of the planning of Dublin, donated by then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord Aberdeen, has been won by Prof. Abercrombie from Liverpool.

The winner explained that his plan was commenced before the war when there was an expectation that Home Rule would 'bring great prosperity to the people of Ireland'. The plan observes the 'haphazard' way that roads, streets and houses have been built in and around Dublin in the previous half-century. As a matter of urgency, the plan includes provisions to relocate 64,000 people who were being housed in conditions 'not fit for human beings'.

All the designs entered for the prize were exhibited in the Commercial Buildings of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. The designs were reviewed by the Chief Secretary of Ireland, Henry Duke, who congratulated all the entrants on the quality of their work and said that he understood the value of improving the organisation of Dublin.

The competition was announced over two years ago, but has gained a new relevance in light of the recent skirmishes in Dublin which led to a substantial portion of the city being destroyed.

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