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Dublin policeman ‘shot at’ by Suffragette
Dublin Metropolitan Police fears of suffragette militancy are highlighted in this Ernest Kavanagh cartoon from The Irish Citizen, May 1913

Dublin policeman ‘shot at’ by Suffragette

Published: 15 May 1913

Seven members of the Dublin Metropolitan Police raided the house of a Dublin suffragette this morning after an on-duty policeman reported two revolver shots had been fired at him from its windows. Despite protests from the residents, police searched the house for arms, but found nothing. Later, it emerged that the noise that had frightened the constable had actually come from firecrackers known as dog-frighteners that are sometimes used by motorists. They had not emanated from the house searched. 

Meanwhile, across Dublin, police are stepping up security at buildings that may be targeted by suffragettes. Special attention is being devoted to the conservatories and greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens, where plainclothes detectives are carrying out special patrols.



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