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Dublin employers form committee to aid recruitment
A recruitment rally outside the Mansion House in May 1915 Photo: Manchester Guardian 'History of the War', Vol V, 1915. Full collection available via National Library of Ireland.

Dublin employers form committee to aid recruitment

Dublin, 24 November 1915 - A meeting of Dublin employers was held in the Mansion House yesterday to examine ways in which they might be able to assist in recruitment. The meeting was addressed by Lord Wimborne, the Lord Lieutenant, who appealed to all employers to encourage their men to enlist.

A letter from William Martin Murphy was read out. In it he stated: ‘In any undertaking with which I am connected I am taking steps to bring Lord Wimborne’s views on recruiting before the employees, and giving facilities towards enlistment by undertaking to keep the men’s positions open, and by some monetary encouragement as well.’

A resolution was then passed to form a committee for the purpose of ‘advising his Excellency and the recruiting authorities in the prosecution of their efforts’. Committee members include the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Charles Eason, A.F. Guinness, George N. Jacob, William Findlater and Edward Lee.

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