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Drogheda is the driest place in Ireland
A view of Drogheda in the early 1900s. The town recorded the lowest rainfall in Ireland in 1913. Photo: National Library of Ireland, LROY 01732

Drogheda is the driest place in Ireland

Published: 13 January 1914

The lowest rainfall in Ireland in the past year was recorded at Drogheda, Co. Louth where total rainfall for 1913 reached just under 28 inches. By contrast, the highest rainfall recorded in Ireland was at Caragh Lake in Co. Kerry, where it exceeded 87 inches in the course of the year.

An extract from a monthly metereological report for Ireland, July 1913. Rain fell on 13 days out of the 31 in this summer month. (Image: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 5269)

The wide disparity of rainfall illustrates once again the great difference in precipitation between the south-west of Ireland and the east coast. All of the lowest recordings of rainfall were at locations along the east coast, while all of the highest were in the south and west of the country.


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