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Dire distress experienced by unemployed women in Dublin
Dressmakers are amongst the hardest hit with regards to unemployment in the city Photo: Irish Life, 17 April 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Dire distress experienced by unemployed women in Dublin

Published: 12 September 1914

At least 2,000 women are currently unemployed in Dublin. Up to 30% of this total are dressmakers and seamstresses, and their economic distress is worsening with many in absolute want.

People engaged in philanthropic activity in the city say that providing work for these women is now a matter of great urgency. There are also complaints that some wives and dependents of men who have gone to the front have not received any relief. Although relief has been granted in upwards of 4,000 cases, there are others that remain to be resolved. Such delays are now the cause of great hardship.


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