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Destruction of lace-making in Monaghan
The Monaghan lace-workers are not alone in turning to emigration as a potential solution to their ills. This is a detail from an official document comparing emigration statistics from the first seven months of 1913 with the corresponding period of 1912. Click link below for the full document. Photo: National Archives of Ireland, CSO/RP 1913, 14692

Destruction of lace-making in Monaghan

Women prepare to emigrate as livelihoods lost

Published: 26 July 1913

The almost complete collapse in the orders from America for lace and crochet has destroyed a vital industry around Co. Monaghan. Lace – in great quantities – is now being exported to America from other European companies in imitation of Irish lace and is being sold at cheaper prices.

Several hundred girls and women depended on the money they earned from lace-making to survive, but they and their dependents are now faced with destitution.

Reports from Co. Monaghan say many women have written to friends and relatives in America and have received their passage ticket to emigrate, or a promise of such a ticket.


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