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De Valera calls for republican representation at Peace Conference
Eamon de Valera addresses Sinn Féin supporters from platform in Market Place, Kilkenny in the summer of 1917. Photo: National Library of Ireland, Ke 135

De Valera calls for republican representation at Peace Conference

Rathfarnham, 24 September 1917 - Éamon de Valera has demanded that Ireland’s interests be properly put forward at the Peace Conference at the end of the war.

The alternative, he claimed, was that the people of Ireland would be ‘misrepresented by ambassadors of England’, namely members of the Irish Parliamentary Party.

Ireland, he said, could best present their case by proclaiming themselves as Irish republicans – a term that would be understood in America, Russia and France. Furthermore, he asserted that if Ireland had a law of her own, she would be the most law-abiding, and perhaps best governed nation, in the world.

The only thing that could prevent Ireland’s participation, de Valera concluded, was if the people were willing to accept something less than their rights.

[Editor's note: This is an article from Century Ireland, a fortnightly online newspaper, written from the perspective of a journalist 100 years ago, based on news reports of the time.]


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