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Claims of major Allied victories in war
A Ration Party of the 4th Black Watch at the Battle Of Neuve Chapelle, 1915. Painted by Joseph Gray in 1918. Photo: © IWM (Art.IWM ART 1917)

Claims of major Allied victories in war

Paris, 22 March 1915 -  Reports from two fronts claim the Allied forces have enjoyed major victories.

From Neuve Chapelle in France there are reports that the British Army has captured some 2,500 metres of trenches and the village of Neuve Chapelle itself. The Fourth Corps and the Indian Corps are credited with advancing some three kilometres and capturing all German positions in the area.

More than 700 German prisoners have been taken and British aircraft have destroyed railway junctions at Menin and Courtrai.

Another attack at Givenchy appears to have ben repulsed by the Germans, but details of the battle remain few. It is reported that heavy fighting continues all around the areas in question as the Germans seek to recapture lost ground.

The King's Liverpool Regiment at Givenchy suffered heavily while trying to penetrate the Germans' wire entanglements. (Image: Illustrated London News [London, England], 27 March 1915)

Severe fighting was also reported from the area around Aubers, where the 7th Division have made significant progress against the German army. A further 1,700 German prisoners have been taken and a train has been blown up.

Around the French village of St. Eloi the fighting has seen both sides locked in stalemate in what one commentator referred to as a ‘war of exhaustion'.

The Eastern field of war

Fighting continues on the Eastern Front where the Austrians have lost an army corps during the Battle for Przemysl, in Poland. It is reported that the fortress at Przemysl is now in Russian hands after scenes of appalling carnage during a siege that has lasted 131 days.

The town of Przemysl in quieter times. The town has recently been taken by the Russians after a protracted siege. (Image: Illustrated London News [London, England], 27 March 1915)

It is the most important fortress captured by the Allies since the war started and it leaves the road open to Cracow for the Russians.

There are reports of Austrian disarray after the defeat.

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