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Century Ireland honoured for ‘Remembering 1916’

Century Ireland honoured for ‘Remembering 1916’

Published: 13 December 2016

We are delighted to announce that Century Ireland has been chosen by popular vote as one of the websites that best remember the events of 1916.

'Remember 1916 Recording 2016' was a project run by the National Library of Ireland which aimed to identify the five websites that best reflected Ireland 100 years ago and five that record the Ireland of today. The winners were announced by the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Heather Humphreys TD at a ceremony in the National Library on Tuesday 13 December. Century Ireland project director Dr Paul Rouse was present to receive the award from the Minister.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Boston College Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives of Ireland, RTÉ and our other partner institutions. We also are profoundly grateful to the people who voted for us, who by doing so, showed their appreciation for our work in telling the story of Ireland, not just in 1916, but during the period from 1913 to 1923.

The 10 winning websites will be preserved in the National Library's web archive. In her speech at the event, NLI Director Dr Sandra Collins said: 'Websites are a hugely important source of information today, with much of the story of Ireland now created in digital format. It’s crucial that we recognise the vulnerability of Irish heritage online and preserve the digital memory of Ireland. People selected these websites as a record of this momentous year and we are delighted that we can archive these modern Irish memories for now and future generations to share.'


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