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Bulgarian attacks ‘inspired by hatred’
A view of Salonika, ca March 1913. Recent reports from this contested city indicate that Bulgarian troops have suffered serious setbacks Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Bulgarian attacks ‘inspired by hatred’

Published: 4 July 1913

The Serbian Charge d’Affaires in Sofia has alleged that recent military actions by Bulgarian troops against Serbia were ‘inspired by hatred’.

Since the end of June, Bulgarian troops have been involved in fighting on a number of fronts against the combined forces of Serbia and Greece, but with little apparent success.

The scene of some of the most intense activity has been Salonika, from where there are conflicting accounts of how hostilities have been developing. One report states that 1,200 Bulgarian troops have surrendered to the Greeks and been deported, while another mentions desertions from the Bulgarian Army of soldiers weakened by hunger and cholera.

Bulgarian set-backs are not confined to Salonika. Reuters claims that the Serbian army has driven the Bulgarians back to the river at Zletovo and Bredgalnitsa, with heavy casualties on both sides. The fighting has been close, intense and occasionally hand to hand and with bayonets. One observer has described it as ‘almost inhuman in its ferocity’.

The current dispute is centred on the division of eight districts, four of which were assigned to Bulgaria under the recent Treaty of London and four of which reserved for the arbitration of the Tsar. Serbia’s acceptance of the Treaty appeared to imply acceptance of the four districts assigned to Bulgaria, but this has turned out not to be the case. Instead, what Serbia had accepted was the bringing of all eight districts under the arbitration of the Tsar.

Fears that the recent hostilities could flare up into a wider military campaign were heighted by news that Rumanian troops were in the process of mobilisation. The Rumanian Government announced at the end of June that it would not remain neutral in the event of renewed Balkans war.


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