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Britain now in full control of Palestine
General Allenby, the man who delivered Palestine from the Turkish forces Photo: Imperial War Museum

Britain now in full control of Palestine

Palestine, 23 September 1918 - Britain has taken full control of historic Palestine.

The success achieved by General Allenby against the Turks means that British forces now occupy ground as far north as Nazareth.

In the course of the advance by British and Indian troops, approximately 3,000 prisoners were taken.

The strategy that has yielded this territorial gain involved the enclosure of Turkish forces, who were grouped at Shechem and Samaria, and cutting them off from all supplies. This left the Turks with no option but to retreat eastward across the fords of Jordan, a perilous endeavour that saw vast quantities of their provisions falling into British hands.

Aeroplanes were also deployed to drop bombs on the retreating forces.

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