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Better treatment for Countess Markievicz demanded
Countess Markievicz Photo: National Library of Ireland, NPA POLF20

Better treatment for Countess Markievicz demanded

Blackrock, 19 April 1917 - A meeting of the Blackrock Urban Council discussed a circular which has been sent demanding better treatment for Countess Markievicz.

The chairman of the council, J.P. McCabe moved a resolution that, while not approving of the policy or the attitude with which she was identified in the Rising, she should receive the same privileges as the other Irish prisoners. He concluded that it was owing to the way Lloyd George had acted that Ireland was in turmoil.

Mr T. Murphy stated that if the Countess had been in the Russian Revolution she would have been made a second Joan of Arc. The English Government had congratulated the Russian revolutionaries on securing their freedom: ‘Why should Ireland be downtrodden?’

The views of McCabe and Murphy were opposed by Lady Dockrell and by Dr Good, who said he was ashamed to be a member of the council. In response, the chairman said that if it wasn’t for the actions of Sir Edward Carson there would never have been a rebellion. The four Unionist members present then withdrew in protest and the resolution was carried unanimously.

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