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Asquith: Francis Sheehy Skeffington ‘shot without order’
Francis Sheehy Skeffington, a pacifist, who was shot without order during Easter week 1916. Photo: National Museum of Ireland

Asquith: Francis Sheehy Skeffington ‘shot without order’

London, 10 May 1916 - Francis Sheehy Skeffington, the Dublin pacifist, was 'shot without order', the British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith told the House of Commons in London today.

Sheehy Skeffington's funeral will be held in Glasnevin Cemetery after the body is exhumed from Portobello Barracks, where he was shot by a British army firing squad. It is thought that Sheehy Skeffington was attempting to prevent looting on the streets when he was brought to Portobello Barracks.

The officer who ordered Sheehy Skeffington to be shot will now be tried by court-martial.

Constable James O’Brien
The body of James O’Brien, the first man to be shot in the Rising  is also to be exhumed from the grounds of the Castle where it is buried in a pit and will be sent to Glin, Co. Limerick for burial.

He was a DMP constable stationed at the gates of Dublin Castle.

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