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A call to Catholic action at meeting of Maynooth Union
Cardinal Logue, pictured alongside other clerics on Holy Island, Lough Derg, Donegal in 1913. The Cardinal spoke of the importance of Catholic action at the opening the Maynooth Union Photo: National Library of Ireland, LROY 11424

A call to Catholic action at meeting of Maynooth Union

Published: 27 June 1913

In an address delivered at the opening of the annual general meeting of the Maynooth Union, Cardinal Logue has spoken of the value in having the priesthood come together in large numbers to exchange ideas about social and religious questions that are of concern to the wider society.

Remarking on the great activity of Catholics in countries such as France, Italy, Germany and England, Cardinal Logue added that the only two vehicles for general Catholic action in Ireland involving the priests and people were the Maynooth Union and the Catholic Truth Society. 

Now in its eighteenth year, Cardinal Logue stressed the importance of attendance at meetings of the Union and remarked how clergy who did not study at Maynooth were more inclined to attend than those who did.

Among the papers read at this year’s Union was one on ‘The Teaching of Religion in Secondary Schools’, in which Rev W.Sheehan, Maynooth, highlighted the efficiency of the German education system in which, for instance, the German teacher of religion was required to pass a severe examination conducted by a specially-appointed professors in the Faculty of Catholic Theology. Fr Sheehan added that neither inspection nor examination was the driving power in the German school.


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