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60,000 Germans arrested in US since declaration of war
Illustration by Raphaël Kirchner from the cover of US magazine 'Puck'. The heading read: 'Liberty Awakening!' Photo: 'Puck', 7 April 1917

60,000 Germans arrested in US since declaration of war

New York, 16 April 1917 - Over 60,000 Germans have been arrested in the United States since the declaration of war on Germany. They are accused of spying and other offences.

German sympathisers are also accused of being responsible for two explosions in munitions factory in Philadelphia, which have killed 200 people, mostly women. Two men have been arrested – they are said to have warned their fellow-workers during the week not to continue at the plant.

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It is thought a fire was started in a room which contained empty shell cases and these proved to be incendiary. It is the worst disaster of its kind to have occurred since the outbreak of the war.

Thousands flock to enlist
The news comes as thousands of men flock to enlist in the American armed forces. Some 1,366 men enlisted in the navy yesterday, constituting a new record.

General Sharp of the Head Quartermaster Corps, approved of the motor transport plan calling up 35,000-40,000 trucks, sufficient for an army of 1,000,000 men.

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