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33,000 trees planted in Roscommon
Children involved in the planting of trees in the chilly weather Photo: Irish Life, 25 Jan 1918. Full collection available from the National Library of Ireland

33,000 trees planted in Roscommon

Roscommon, 23 February 1918 - 33,000 trees have been planted in Co. Roscommon under a scheme adopted by the County Committee. 11,000 of these trees have been planted in the Roscommon district alone.

In a related note, earlier this week, Sir T.W. Russell, with Mr T.P. Gill, of the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, received representatives from the General Council of County Councils. Headed by Mr P.J. O’Neill, the deputation appealed for replanting of the areas in Ireland denuded of timber.

Letter on the practicality of using Irish horse chestnut trees for munitions. Click image to enlarge (Image: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP1917, 25950)

Sir T.W. Russell commented on the need to prevent further felling of timber without replanting, but added that it was difficult to get labour. The government, he said, were the principal consumers of timber and it was not unreasonable to ask that they make it a condition that two trees be planted for each one cut.

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