Use What you have

The grand ambition of this campaign is to get 100,000 people who use little or no Irish now to use their Irish again, however much or however little that is. This is not a learning series. It’s an appeal to show your pride, your “bród” in your language by using what you have – and we all have some.

Re-engage with the language. It is only by using it will you rediscover it. Take small steps. Start with what you know and build from there.

Although we spend 14 years of our lives learning Irish very few of us actually speak it. This campaign is a passionate, loud and brash attempt to turn this situation on its head by asking people to commit to using whatever Irish they have.

It is a multi-platform campaign and once signed up to the Bród Club, members will be plugged into an entire community of like-minded people, spinning off into a range of Facebook and Twitter conversations. This online social network will also give you access to a wide range of tools to help you use the Irish language in your everyday lives.

This campaign is a national call to action. Be proud of your language – use what you have – or as Fiona Looney would say, get back on the capall!

What can you do to use what you have?

Sign up to the campaign and be inspired. There are many different ways you can begin to use the Irish you have. The limit is your imagination. And have some fun using it.

Click here to find out what you can do.

What can we do for you?

Sign up to the campaign and we can help put you in touch with like minded people in your local area.

Use the many resources available

Companies & Community Groups

We are asking companies & community groups to get behind this campaign. Will you support a weekly Irish at work day? Organise your group to use the Cúpla Focal? Will you actively encourage your staff to engage with the language, between themselves and to your customers? What will you do to support the campaign? Will you encourage your staff to use the Irish they have? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter