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Help Us Reach 100,000 Supporters of the irish language

We believe there are people with a huge sense of latent pride in the Irish language, people who don't use Irish but would like to. Is that you?

This is an appeal to show your pride, your "bród" in your language. However much or however little you have, use it. Use What You Have.

While the series may have ended, the campaign still lives on. Sign up today to show your support. You can login and enjoy many features like Irish resources, behind the scenes footage, updates on nationwide events and plenty more.

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I'm Bernard Dunne, boxer and lover ...of the Irish language. Just so you know, this isn't about teaching you Irish. It's a campaign, my campaign, to get 100,000 people who use little or no Gaeilge now to use it again - to just use what you have. It's a big ask, I might fail, but I'm up for the fight.

Watch episodes of my blog here, where I reflect on the great, mediocre or worrying state of the campaign.

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Did you know?

Words of Irish Origin

Below are some words which you might recognise from Irish used in everyday English. (Source: Wikipedia)

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The Supporters

Here are the top 4 counties which are performing the best. Click on each one to see more.

1st: Dublin


2nd: Meath