The best of the last week on Brainstorm for busy readers in the audience

Is your home making you sick?

Our most read story for the week is where Leona Donaghy looks at the serious health implications from breathing in the air of a home that has been sealed up to be more energy-efficient

The significant human rights issues around evictions in Ireland

"Eviction is not one of life's ups and downs; it is a mark of punishment inflicted by society through State institutions and the legal system"

Padraic Kenna on how media reports of high profile evictions mask what is a lengthy and traumatic social and legal process

Getting out the vote: what influences voter turnout?

"Ireland has had one of the lowest average turnout levels in western Europe across recent electoral contests"

As Election 2020 began, we revisited Adrian Kavanagh and William Durkan's fascinating analysis of why hundreds of thousands of registered voters do not vote at Irish elections

Is it easier for boys or girls to learn a new language?

"Language learning for some may have gendered connotations, yet there is no logical association between gender and language learning"

Jennifer Martyn looks at how there's no scientific evidence to back up the perception that one gender is better at learning languages than another 

Podcast of the week: how much are you paid?

This week's podcast is based on Kevin Murphy's article on why people are so reluctant to talk about how much they're paid. Brainstorm fact: Kevin has written more Brainstorm pieces than anyone else to date.

How can we deal with rising sea levels and increased flood risk?

Tom McDermott examines how delivering timely local adaptation to climate risk will help to minimise the costs of future flooding in Ireland and elsewhere.