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RTÉ Celebrates the Beckett Centenary

On Thursday, 13 April this year, the world will celebrate the centenary of the birth of Samuel Beckett.

Author Dennis O'Driscoll Launched RTÉ Radio's CD Box-Set of Beckett's Three Novels. Click here for the press release ...

RTÉ Radio and Television will mark the official Beckett Centenary Festival with our very own Beckett-100 celebration. Featuring an exciting line-up of special programming on television and radio, as well as a CD, book and website, RTÉ's Beckett-100 line-up will offer a comprehensive celebration of the life and writings of one of our greatest Nobel laureates.


RTÉ Television has since its foundation demonstrated an ongoing commitment to and recognition of Samuel Beckett, both as a giant of literary culture and as an artist of his time. For Beckett-100 RTÉ Television will screen Jack MacGowran's acclaimed 1966 performance in Beginning to End, as well as a selection of films from the award-winning Beckett on Film series. New commissions like the new Arts Lives film The Man Who Shot Beckett, as well as a special edition of The View presents ..., will celebrate one of the most outstanding literary artists of our time.

Meanwhile RTÉ Radio commemorates Beckett with new broadcasts exclusively produced for RTÉ Radio, archive material and a unique CD box-set of Beckett's Three Novels to be launched on 10 April.  RTÉ Radio 1 in association with Gare St Lazare Players Ireland will broadcast Beckett's seven radio plays featuring David Kelly and Anna Manahan, among other leading actors. The thirteen part Thomas Davis Lecture series focuses on the work of Samuel Beckett and includes lectures by some of the foremost writers and academics studying Beckett today. This series will also be available as a book from New Island.  Rattlebag, RTÉ Radio 1's daily arts programme, will broadcast Beckett specials, and Artzone on RTÉ lyric fm will celebrate Beckett and music with Bernard Clarke, and Beckett in photographs with John Minihan. John Bowman will delve into the RTÉ Radio archives to explore Beckett and Barry McGovern will introduce listeners to Beckett's Parisian friends through the 2003 documentary Beckett in Paris.

Click here to visit the Beckett Festival website ...

Speaking about this broad range of anniversary programming, RTÉ's Director-General, Cathal Goan, said: "Samuel Beckett is rightly celebrated as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. RTÉ's celebration, Beckett-100, will combine exciting new commissions with the best of work from the Television and Radio Archives. It is appropriate that RTÉ will mark the centenary of Samuel Beckett's birth by bringing the life and work of this great artist to as wide an audience as possible - through radio and television broadcasts, CD recordings, a book, and the world-wide web."