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Artszone Special

RTÉ lyric fm, 13 April 2006, 7.30pm

Aedín Gormley presents a RTÉ lyric fm Artszone special on Beckett which includes the following features:

Aedín Gormley presents RTÉ lyric fm’s Artszone special on Beckett

Beckett's Ghosts
The later plays of Samuel Beckett are some of the most extreme and concentrated dramatic works of the last century and also some of the most seldom performed.  Aedín Gormley speaks to the directors of A Piece of Monologue - Jason Byrne, That Time - Jimmy Fay and Breath directed by Amanda Coogan, all of which will be running at the Project from the 13th of April. 

Photographing Samuel Beckett: John Minihan in interview with Aedín Gormley
It was in December 1985, four years before his death at the PLM, a large, modern, anonymous hotel near his apartment on Boulevard St Jacques, that Samuel Beckett met the photographer John Minihan for the last time.  They had known each other for only five years.  Minihan had wanted to photograph Beckett for more than a decade before they met and had made a tentative effort to contact him in the early 1970s, but had written to the wrong address. When they eventually met in London in the summer of 1980, it began a relationship that yielded several of the best images of Beckett, culminating in the definitive portrait, taken in the PLM in 1985.  Minihan’s photographs recovered Beckett from the merely iconographic, placing him in context and allowing the human figure to emerge.

Beckett on the Radio: Bernard Clarke
“…the whole thing’s coming out of the dark.” Samuel Beckett used this term about the origin and quality of his radio plays, especially All That Fall, in a letter that he wrote to his American publisher in 1957. Bernard Clarke travels into the light and dark of Beckett’s radio plays…

Beckett and the Visual Arts: Fiona Kearney, Director of the Lewis Glucksman Gallery
One hundred years on from his birth, Beckett’s work continues to provoke new artistic and theoretical responses. The centenary is generating a wide range of performances, exhibitions and conferences explicitly dedicated to his legacy in the arts and beyond. Beckett's influence upon much recent art and his relationship to theory can be deeply rooted but subtle and indirect.