Cutting edge technology brings much excitement and a new phone system to the Mayo island of Inishturk.

A quarter of a million pounds worth of high tech telephone service has been installed on the islands of Inishturk, Inishbiggle and Annagh.

Inishturk is situated nine miles from the Mayo mainland and has a population of around eighty people. The little island came to prominence six months ago when gold was discovered.  However, the discovery of gold on the island was met with far less enthusiasm than the arrival of a modern telephone link with the mainland.

One of the country's most sophisticated and reliable telecommunications networks.

Locals on Inishturk Island gather around as the first in a series of international phone call is made by Community Council Secretary Helen Heanue.

Inishturk has a history of emigration and the new Telecom Éireann tower which now sits on the island’s highest hilltop makes international communication possible. It may also hold the key to computer and data processing jobs for islanders and may help to stave off emigration.

The new system was inaugurated by Telecom Éireann District Manager Enda Rohan.

The technology, known as the Rurtel System, was developed by SEL, the German subsidiary of the Alcatel Group.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 May 1990. The reporter is Jim Fahy.