Ireland's third match at the 1994 World Cup was scheduled for 28 June at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

They would be facing Norway at the venue where they had beaten Italy 1 - 0 in their first match, played ten days earlier. The location took the Irish soccer team away from the heat of Orlando, where they had lost 2 - 1 to Mexico on 24 June.

The last of the fans arrived in John F Kennedy Airport on 27 June 1994. Paul Reynolds reports from New York, where the Irish pubs have been doing a roaring trade during the World Cup. Dermot Doran of Doran's Bar says it's been like five St Patrick's Days in a row. Fans have also found themselves running out of money. Charley Swords of Bank of Ireland has dealt with about 150 people.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 June 1994. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.

Soccer Fans, New York, 1994
Irish fans in New York bar (1994)