Bailiffs in County Derry are coming under attack from salmon poachers operating on the river Foyle.

Routine patrols on the river Foyle now require the crew to don protective equipment for their own safety. Organised gangs illegally netting salmon on the County Donegal side of the river near Lifford have become more aggressive over the past two years,

Stones and even shots have been fired at these bailiffs.

Foyle Fisheries Executive Officer Gerald Hayduck says that poaching and antisocial behaviour by the poachers is as bad as it has ever been in this area.

I would say a great deal were involved in it...a large number.

However, thanks to the work of fisheries officers and water bailiffs it is unlikely that the poachers will be as successful this year as they were last year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 July 1977. The reporter is Seán Ó Héalaí.