Local residents are opposed to a Traveller halting site at Ballycoolin in Dublin.

Land in Ballycoolin, County Dublin has been approved by local representatives for a Traveller halting site but the decision is being opposed by local residents.

Due to demonstrations the site originally earmarked for Corduff was moved to neaby Ballycoolin. Josephine Fitzpatrick feels the locality is too small for an influx of Travellers. In her opinion communication about the halting site has been non-existent,

We were never informed, under the law we were supposed to be, but we were never.

Traveller Liz Cowley has been living on the site for the past 14 months. She is keen in spite of the fact the site lacks the most basic facilities,

When the lights is in, toilets and tarmac we'll be happy in it.

Local residents consider the Travellers a nuisance, an opinion Liz Cowley completely disagrees with as,

We bother them for nothing.

Local councillor Jim Fay admits there was no discussion with local people about the proposed site at Ballycoolin. He is unaware of the promises made about the numbers of families living on the halting site and he does not believe there will be problems with overcrowding if it is properly laid out.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 May 1982. The reporter is Conall Ó Moraín.