Striking Dublin Corporation workers clash with Gardaí when attempt made to clear rubbish from Moore Street.

Bin workers are on strike as part of an ongoing pay dispute with Dublin Corporation. The strike is supported by the Irish Municipal Employees Trade Union (IMETU).

On learning the Army is to move into Moore Street to clear the pile up of rubbish that has gathered over the course of the two week strike, more than 100 strikers mount a picket on both entrances to the area.

As the army truck arrives, the picketers sit down to obstruct the movement of the vehicle. Slogans are shouted mounted, scuffles break out, missiles are hurled and rubbish is set alight. The Army and Gardaí are forced to retreat and no waste is removed.

A trade union official is disgusted that the only government intervention in the strike is to deploy the Army and An Garda Síochána and,

To baton our members who are involved in a legitimate industrial dispute.

Setting fire to rubbish is not condoned but needs must,

Our members were under attack here tonight.

He believes any public health hazard posed by the buildup of rubbish could be resolved through negotiations between the unions representing the workers, Dublin Corporation and the government.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 5 June 1986. The reporter is Una Claffey.