How to coax women in Kerry and a potion to secure the love of a man in Cork

Under the pseudonym Anthony Bluett, the author Tony Kiely has written 'Ireland In Love' a collection of Ireland's unusual love traditions. 

Gerry Ryan reads an extract from the book detailing how men in County Kerry use purple orchids to coax women. Tony Kiely points out that it is unusual for a charm to be carried out by men,

Normally the women are the prime movers in these sorts of things, especially the potions.

White gander droppings were employed to secure the love of a man in Cork. Then men could reciprocate with the droppings of a black chicken.

Tony Kiely disagrees that such practises are outmoded as he recently heard that in Cobh, County Cork hair and nail clippings were boiled around the time of Valentine’s Day. This was done to preserve love rather than to win it.

While hair has a strong significance in magical circles, many potions require the juice of a boiled field mouse. This leads the psychic Una Power to chuckle,

Try a gin and tonic!

This episode of ‘Gerry Ryan Tonight’ was broadcast on 6 March 1996. The presenter is Gerry Ryan.