Bands Against Drugs, a video to combat the growing problems of drug abuse among young people will be shown in schools and youth clubs around Ireland.

The Bands Against Drugs video is the brainchild of the National Federation of Community Action on Drugs (NFCAD) with the aim of showing young people their idols in the music business do not condone the use of drugs.

Producer and member of Horslips Barry Devlin explains the video is an hour of music videos broken up with personal anti-drug messages from the stars who appear in them. Those involved include U2, Bob Geldof, Brush Shiels, Chris de Burgh and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins who advises

The world is a great place, it’s very big place and there’s lots of things to do, and drugs will only close them off, so don’t waste your time with drugs.

NFCAD Chairwoman Grainne Kenny is amazed at how many people signed up to the project, all of them offering their services free of charge.

I’m talking about people like Brush, Bono down to the cameramen and technicians in Windmill Lane who worked on the video, it was amazing the amount of goodwill, they all felt it was terribly important to do this.

An RTÉ News report by Alan McCullough broadcast on 17 December 1986.