Plans are announced to help Gardai curtail high speed car theft.

Gardai are to use spiked chains in an attempt to apprehend so called joyriders.

The spikes are made from light aluminium and stretch up to 21 feet and have 180 special spikes. Superintendent Tom Hennessey explains how the spikes chains work.

 "We were agreeably surprised that they were very effective in deflating the tyre within a reasonable distance, such a distance that the drivers were able to maintain control of the car."

The spike is embedded in the tyre when a car drives over it causing the air to deflate at a slower pace than if the spike was solid.

The package of measures to deal with high speed car thieves announced by Minister Noonan received a broad welcome from the Garda Representative Body and the Garda Seargeants and Inspectors.

An RTÉ News report by Charlie Bird on 26 April 1985.