The growing popularity of cults has led to the setting up of a Cult Awareness Centre to provide information to potential followers.

In 1990 a new organisation was established to provide information on religious cults. The Cult Awareness Centre was set up at the Irish Church Missions premises on Bachelors Walk, Dublin, in response to the increasing number of cults and sects targeting Ireland in recent years.

Among the supporters of the new group are former Moonies, Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses. 

Noel Deane, Secretary at the Centre and former member of the Unification Church, explains the purpose of the centre. 

We hope to be able to provide proper information regarding the cults and false religions that are here in Ireland.

Rev. William Bridcut, Church of Ireland Superintendent of Irish Church Missions, also comments on the increasing problems of cults. Bridcut comments on the rising popularity of cults.

When somebody comes along and says we have the truth and we alone are right, there's a certain attraction in that.

Kieron Wood reports for RTÉ News on 3 May 1990.