Referendum passed as Sweden votes in favour of joining the European Union.

It is referendum day in Sweden on EU membership and a survey carried out today says that ninety one per cent of the electorate has turned out to vote. Sweden is known for high turn out rates but this is exceptionally high indicating the importance people place on the decision. 

Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson cast his vote at a school outside Stockholm and acknowledged the divide which exists over membership even within his own Social Democratic Party which is split down the middle over the issue.

North of Stockholm, the Minister for Civil Administration Marita Ulvskog cast her vote. She is also a social democrat but unlike Mr Carlsson is a leading spokesperson for the No campaign.

The main political party to oppose membership is the Left Party.

The latest official results have shown that fifty two per cent have voted in favour. Opposition was strongest in northern rural areas while most people in the cities and southern regions voted in favour of membership.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 November 1994. The reporter is John Walsh.