On 4 July 1965 Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco arrived in Dublin on a State visit.

This RTÉ News footage shows the couple being welcomed upon their arrival at Dublin airport. As they disembark the Aer Lingus plane they are greeted by Lord Killanin, Frank Aiken External Affairs Minister, and Charles Haughey Minister for Agriculture along with his wife Maureen. 

While in Ireland the Royal couple were amongst the most distinguished guests at the Petits Lits Blancs charity ball in Powersourt, county Wicklow. 

Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco on 18 April 1956 and they had three children Caroline, Albert and Stéphanie.

Princess Grace died in a car accident after suffering a stroke on 13 September 1982. Prince Rainier died on 6 April 2005.