A media circus surrounded the historic first official meeting between Sinn Féin and members of the British government for 23 years.

On 10 May 1995 Martin McGuinness led members of the Sinn Féin Party into the Stormont buildings for the first meeting with the British government since the early 1970s. 

The exploratory talks lasted over three hours. As the meeting came to a close Sinn Féin issued a statement that the party was not interested in a lengthy series of meetings with Stormont Political Affairs Minister Michacel Ancram. 

Following the meeting Martin McGuinness addressed the media stating

We have made a request to the British government for a meeting with Sir Patrick Mayhew and we expect to get an answer to that in due course.

McGuinness refused to say what the Sinn Féin party would do if this invitation was declined. 

Michael Ancram also commented on the meeting stating that his government had expressed their concern over IRA arms and decommissioning. 

An RTÉ News report by David Davin-Power broadcast on 10 May 1995.