A garden designed for people with vision impairment features strong scented flowers and braille signage in Saint Stephen's Green.

Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin has a garden for people with visual impairment. The garden has signs in braille and aromatic shrubs and plants suitable for handling.

The garden is laid out around a seat near the fountain dedicated to the memory of suffragist and trade unionist Louie Bennett (Louisa Bennett).

The official opening ceremony for the garden is performed by Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance Noel Lemass. It is attended by representatives of the city's schools and institution for the blind.

National Council for the Blind secretary Angela Kehoe notes the long held desire for such as garden,

There’s always been a necessity for it.

While there are similar gardens abroad,

It’s certainly unique in Ireland.

The blind take great pleasure in gardening,

People have a very sensitive touch and know how things are going, they know the shape of flowers and things like that.

Angela Kehoe believes the garden provides a space that will lead to greater interaction between blind and sighted people.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 May 1972. The reporter is David Timlin.