Is the writing on the wall for a shop front mural in Wexford town?

Poundstretcher on Common Quay Street in Wexford Town sells everything from record players to toys.

In a bid to distinguish his premises from other buildings Poundstretcher owner Arthur Kelly hired an English artist, Tony Robinson to brighten up the exterior of his shop.

Originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne Tony Robinson creates murals that not only look good but carry a message. He would like to see more murals around Wexford town incorporating,

Things that were meaningful to the particular area rather than just brightening them up.

To illustrate the theme of the Poundstretcher, Tony Robinson selected imagery from coins and notes,

All being pulled and stretched by cherubs.

Wexford County Council state planning permission must be sought before changes are made to any building in the town. Arthur Kelly did not make the appropriate application before the mural was undertaken as he did not realise a painting needed planning permission. He is unhappy at the request for the mural to be removed because,

It wasn’t in line with the rest of the street and this is the reason why they wanted planning permission.

An application has been made to retain the mural and if permission is not granted Arthur Kelly is prepared to go to court over the matter.

The majority of people on the streets of Wexford Town have nothing but admiration for the artistry involved with the mural, one man insisting,

It would be an outrage to have it taken down.

A woman adds,

I don’t see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Wexford County Council town clerk Frank Kavanagh gives the official line on the artistic work. The whole point of the planning process is to get the reaction from local people and for the Council to interpret their needs. The Council will be looking at the application for the mural within the context of the future development of the Bullring.

A 'Newsround’ report broadcast on 24 October 1976. The reporter is Colm Connolly.