Celebrating the success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with its writer Richard O'Brien.

Richard O'Brien joins Gerry Ryan and members of the cast of The Commitments and explains how The Rocky Horror Show came about.

After getting fired from Jesus Christ Superstar,

I just wanted to write something that I would like to go and see.

Richard O'Brien thought The Rocky Horror Show would appeal to a very limited audience and could never have anticipated the success it has had to date.

Gerry Ryan describes the show as,

An extraordinary sort of camp, rock and roll musical loaded with all sorts of wonderful imagery.

Richard O'Brien wanted to bring rock and roll music into theatre at a time when David Bowie was taking theatre into rock and roll.

We never realised that a man in stockings was going to be that attractive to women.

While The Rocky Horror Show has had huge success at the box office, Richard O'Brien receives just a small percentage of the producer's royalty.

He also had a successful career as the presenter of the 'Crystal Maze' a show which he left when it was at its peak. He has recently been working on a film 'Dark City' in Australia.

Richard O'Brien performs an acoustic version of his song 'One Hundred Dollars An Hour'

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