Teams of radio enthusiasts compete to send and receive transmissions from a temporary camp by the sea.

From a tent on a cliff in south county Dublin one of the Irish teams competing in the International Radio Transmitters Competition sends out messages and receives call signs from all over the world.

A member of the team, who is a distant relative of Guglielmo Marconi, explains how the multi-band receiver and transmitter work. The team also have an emergency power supply to be used in the case where the generator breaks down. The competition does not permit the use of mains electricity power.

The technical set up to transmit and receive message comes at a cost of about £1,000.

It's a very interesting hobby and most people specialise in different aspects of it. Some people love receivers, some people love aerials.

An RTÉ News report broadcvast on 4 June 1978. The reporter is Derek Davis.