Gardaí launch a vigorous campaign against drink driving over the Christmas period.

The National Road Safety Association and the Gardaí their biggest ever crackdown on drunken drivers over Christmas and the New Year.

Every December about sixty people die in road accidents and another eight hundred are injured and in many of those accidents drink is a major factor.

Gardaí throughout the country have been directed to step up the enforcement of the road traffic laws with a specific emphasis on drink driving offences, speeding and dangerous driving.

Supported by press, radio and television the campaign aims to remind drivers of the risk of being caught and the severe penalties if convicted. The role of the NRSA is one of deterrent while the Gardaí will enforce the law in the hope of cutting the accident rate in half.

Chief Supt Tom Ryan outlines the precautions that should be taken and is optimistic that the death and accident rate can be reduced.

Christmas is a time of celebration and of course celebration in Ireland, as we know, very often takes the form of liquid celebration which means that more people are likely to drive under the influence of drink.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 November 1982. The reporter is Alan McCullough.