English singer Ralph McTell talks about his songwriting and his long relationship with Ireland.

Ralph McTell performs 'Streets of London' and 'Song for Ireland'. He talks to Marian Richardson about his writing process and the lived experience that makes its way into his songs.

The singer's relationship with Ireland goes back to fond childhood memories of an Irish neighbour.

Every time I heard an Irish accent, I associated it with that sort of friendship.

Ralph McTell also met a lot of Irish musicians in England so it felt natural for him to come to Ireland to work.

His latest single 'Song for Ireland' was written by English fold singer and songwriter Phil Colclough who had spent some time living in the west of Ireland. Ralph McTell first heard the song in a folk club being sung by a Scotsman.

He summed up in four, three or four magic verses a lot of what I feel about Ireland so I just had to go out and record it.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 15 November 1982. The presenter is Marian Richardson.

'Ireland's Eye' was a Tuesday-to-Friday series with human-interest stories and features from locations throughout Ireland. First broadcast on 7 October 1980, the programme ran until August 1983.