Buildings in Summerhill are being torn down to make way for new housing, schools and government buildings.

Dublin Corporation has brought in three two-tonne wrecking balls to demolish buildings in Summerhill.

Demolition is being carried out over bank holiday weekends when there is less disruption to traffic in the city.

It's a dirty and dangerous job.

The Summerhill area has been divided into four sections for demolition and construction purposes.

Section A and Section B running from the Honeypot pub to the traffic lights on Sean McDermott Street back to Marlboro Street are being demolished this weekend. All residents in the area have been moved out apart from two brothers who do not want to leave. Many residents did not want to leave the area.

While there is much demolition taking place, Dublin Corporation plans the construction of new housing, a multi-storey car park, a community college and government buildings. Eventually, 220 houses will be built and 29 of these will be ready by October.

The houses already built near Sheriff Street and the Coombe area, at a cost of £40,000 per unit, are Dublin's hope for a lived-in city.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 July 1982.