The Curragh Racecourse in Kildare is all set to entertain punters at the Budweiser Irish Derby.

For the past few weeks at the Curragh Racecourse in County Kildare has seen unprecedented activity in preparation of the richest horse race in Europe, the Budweiser Irish Derby.

If the weather is fine, about 10,000 punters are expected to attend the Derby on 27 June 1987. While the event is a sporting occasion, it is also an opportunity for sponsors Budweiser to promote their product, and it is a huge social occasion.

A place to be seen an opportunity to show off your new clothes, to show off who you know and to show off how well you know them.

Racegoers mingle on a stretch of tarmacadam known as 'the green'. Bands, clowns vintage cars, model planes, takeaway snacks and beer keep them entertained between the races.

Entry to the green is £5 but the VIP enclosure is off limits to all but a few,

You can only get in here if Budweiser considers you rich enough or famous enough.

The VIP area hosts personalities and celebrities flown in from America, Irish politicians and guests, the racing set and 50 of Budweiser’s top salespeople.

For those wanting a grander ambience, for £10,000 a year a private box can be hired. There, punters will have the best view of the races, gourmet meals and champagne,

This is where you’ll find the top people, the crème de la crème, the people with power as well as money.

An ‘Evening Extra’ report broadcast on 26 June 1987. The reporter is Siobhán Cleary.