Debate over services to be provided at the new Tallaght hospital following the amalgamation of the Adelaide and Meath hospitals.

Planning is underway for the merger of the Adelaide Hospital and Meath Hospital in a move to a new £120 million Tallaght complex. A suggestion has been made that the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin Dr Donald Caird be appointed president of the new hospital.

Last week, the Chairman of the Adelaide accused the Meath of rejecting a proposal that would have allowed his hospital to remain a focus for Protestant participation following the move to Tallaght.

The Meath Hospital board said that it was shocked by this attack but would not be drawn into a destructive public debate on the issue. They said that they were determined to see the Tallaght project commence as soon as possible and called on all parties to show flexibility and put patient care at the forefront. While the Meath Hospital supports the Adelaide as the minority representative in the health service, there have been suggestions that some people in the Meath Hospital would not be happy about the Adelaide Hospital performing certain operations such as sterilisation at Tallaght.

Professor Brian Keogh of the Meath Hospital refutes these claims and says that these procedures are already carried out at both institutions and says,

We will carry out any operations within the law of the land.

As a non denominational institution, the Meath Hospital has already agreed to equal representation on the board of Tallaght Hospital and is now proposing that someone like Dr Donald Caird, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, should be appointed as president of the new hospital.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 June 1992. The reporter is George Devlin.