Ahead of the general election, what are the political parties doing to manage the environmental impact of their campaigns?

The manifestos of all the political parties place an emphasis on the environment. Having had to print thousands of manifestos to get their message across how green are the political parties election campaigns?

The Fianna Fáil election campaign is being run from Treasury Buildings. The party's green work ethic includes recycling paper and switching off electrical appliances when they are not being used at night. The party is also forsaking heating and air conditioning.

Staff are also working to a green agenda at Fine Gael headquarters by recycling waste and using energy efficient light bulbs. The Fine Gael party manifesto is also being accessed online rather than in print. There are no car parking facilities but there are places to store bicycles.

The Labour party are also keeping a close eye on their green habits through recycling and are also working without heating or air conditioning. Energy efficient light bulbs and computers are also a feature at Labour headquarters.

The Green Party run a green office using recycled paper and paper from managed forests. Even their printer runs on soya based ink.

Natural light illuminates the offices and electrical appliances are unplugged at night.

The Progressive Democrats are also using environmentally friendly paper and the election team work under long life light bulbs.

Sinn Féin are also demonstrating environmental awareness with recycled paper and limited use of heating and lighting.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 May 2007. The reporter is Martina Fitzgerald.