A humorous take on Dublin Corporation road workers and their ability to halt motorists.

Presented as a war report, this skit amusingly portrays conflict between Dublin Corporation road workers and motorists.

By January 1982 conflict was inevitable two great forces were headed towards a confrontation, slowly, inexorably the vast army of the Corporation moved to halt the motorists on the Western Front.

To the chagrin of motorists, Mike Murphy, Dermot Morgan and Fran Dempsey play Dublin Corporation road workers setting up a diversion.

Progress was slow, altered by the constant menace of, the cup of tea.

From the trenches, Dermot Morgan is sent over the top to secure provisions,

A bottle of milk, twenty Major and some biscuits for the tea.

Progress is slow and costly,

By 1915 or a quarter past seven, all was irreversibly into overtime.

Ultimately the road works are completed but,

The price had been high, at time and a half.

‘The Live Mike’ ran on RTÉ between 1979 and 1983 and combined music, comedy sketches and studio guests.

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 15 January 1982.