The Dogs and Cats Home in Dublin offers a refuge for unwanted and abandoned animals.

As dog licences are due for payment many owners are abandoning their pets to avoid the bill. Instead of just letting the dogs loose, owners could send the animals to the Dogs and Cats Home at Grand Canal Quay in Dublin.

More stray dogs than ever are wandering the roads cold and hungry this month.

The Dogs and Cats Home, run by the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSCPA) takes in unwanted dogs and tries to find new homes for them. The DSPCA van goes out twice a day picking up stray dogs. The dogs are kept for a week in case the owners come to claim them back.

On the eighth day they are for sale for seven and six pence upwards.

The home has been run by Superintendent McNally for the last 12 years. Mrs Roth, Assistant Secretary at the DSPCA, says that all sorts of people from across the country come to buy the dogs. They also have a number of cats on offer.

Mrs Roth says that some people leave their cats behind when they move house. The cats have nowhere to go and run wild.

The DSPCA also offers a hotel for cats where people can board their cats. Mrs Jackson, another member of the DSPCA committee, explains that there is no such service available for dogs due to a lack of space.

The Dogs and Cats Home offers a minding service for pet owners who need somewhere to take care of their animals while they are in hospital. This service is offered free of charge to people who can not afford it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 January 1962.