Recalling tailor and renowned storyteller Timothy Buckley and his wife Anastasia.

Nancy McCarthy reminisces about Timothy Buckley a storyteller with a rich store of folklore, and his wife Ansty (Anastasia) Buckley who lived in Gougane Barra, County Cork. The couple were immortalised in the book 'The Tailor And Ansty' by Eric Cross.

Banned by the Irish censor soon after its publication in 1942 due to its alleged earthy content, 'The Tailor And Ansty' made headlines in Ireland when a Seanad debate opposing the prohibition ran for four days. The Buckleys were also targeted by a number of Catholic priests.

Throughout this time Timothy and Ansty were supported by their friend Father Tim Traynor, a Dublin-based priest who spent his holidays in Gougane Barra. Nancy McCarthy who knew the Buckleys and Father Traynor shows ‘Ireland’s Eye’ reporter Colum Kenny his final resting place on the small island where Saint Finbarr founded his monastery in the sixth century.

He was very loyal, and supported them all the way through it.

Timothy Buckley was well known in literary circles in County Cork and beyond, and he and Ansty were often visited by writers such as Frank O’Connor and Seán Ó Faoláin.

Nancy McCarthy reminisces with the couples's son Jackie about the time she brought celebrated actors, writers and founders of the Gate Theatre Mícheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards to visit the Tailor and Ansty.

Unsure as to how the Buckleys would react to this theatrical couple, her fears proved groundless, as the Tailor quickly developed a rapport with Hilton Edwards, and Micheál Mac Liammóir listened to and became engrossed in conversation with Ansty,

It was the first time that anybody had really paid any special attention to her, and her cow.

Nancy McCarthy was delighted that Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards appreciated and enjoyed the experience.

They themselves realised what important people the Tailor and Ansty were.

This report for ‘Ireland’s Eye’ was broadcast on 27 November 1981. The reporter is Colum Kenny.

'Ireland's Eye' was a Tuesday-to-Friday series with human-interest stories and features from locations throughout Ireland. First broadcast on 7 October 1980, the programme ran until August 1983.