Traveller Focus Week through a range of events and concerts across the country will celebrate the culture of the Traveller community.

Traveller Focus Week began in the National Gallery of Ireland with the launch of a calendar featuring paintings by Louis le Brocquy from his Tinker series. The calendar was launched by the artist himself and music on the occasion was provided by Martin and Áine Furey, members of a famous Traveller family.

Winnie Kerrigan of Pavee Point, says this exhibition of Traveller work is important and evocative.

The theme for the week is Traveller participation in culture and the lack of Traveller participation in politics and public life.

Martin Collins of Pavee Point says that Travellers do want to be part of Irish society.

Travellers want to participate in Irish society both politically, economically, socially and culturally. It's important that we recognise that there are a number of impediments to achieving that.

Other events taking place during the week include a concert of Roma music from Romania, and the launch of a CD of the music of the Rainey family who are Traveller musicians renowned in Galway over several generations.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 December 2006. The reporter is Bethan Kilfoil.