Armed gangs of men bomb eight British border customs posts in Northern Ireland.

Eight customs posts were blown up this morning, in a series of timed attacks along the border.

The Klileen checkpoint in County Armagh has been bombed four times already this year. Customs Officers there were not surprised when they were ordered to vacate their post by four men who had travelled in a car from the Republic side of the border to plant a bomb. One described it to RTÉ News as,

Just the usual kind of carry on.

Also on the Armagh border, three armed men travelled from the twenty six counties side and approached the British customs post at Tullydonnell. They instructed the customs officer to leave the building, walk northwards and stop any oncoming traffic. As they drove south towards the border the bomb went off and destroyed the post.

The customs post at Carnagh on the Keady to Castleblayney road was targeted by what is believed to be the same three men.

There were also explosions at Cullaville, County Down, Anaghmartin, Aghalene, Clontivern in County Fermanagh, and a temporary customs caravan on the Newry to Omeath road was burned down.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 October 1971. The reporter is John McAleese.