Two members of 'The Late Late Show' audience sing greetings to friends and family watching the show at home.

Host of ‘The Late Late Show’ Gay Byrne offers a man in the audience the chance to sing greetings on live television. To the tune of‘Congratulations’ recorded by British singer Cliff Richard, he takes the opportunity to sing 40th wedding anniversary wishes to his parents Stella and Martin Kelly from Durrow in County Laois. He also sings a quick hello to Audrey, James and Enda.

Impressed by the man’s vocal abilities Gay Byrne moves to another section of the audience and selects another person to perform their message,

Gentleman with the glasses beat that!

Rising to the challenge, the man sings a greeting to his family watching the show at home,

I know you’ll have a fright, when you see me tonight, but please don’t lock the door, let me come home.

His ordeal is extended when he learns he must sing his name and where he lives. In song, he reveals he is Frederick Cox and he comes from Greystones in County Wicklow. He then sings the question,

Is that enough?

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 24 October 1981. The presenter is Gay Byrne.