Dubliners give their views on the state of the city bus service.

Dubliners on Henry Street are unanimous in their criticism of the capital city's bus service. One woman sums up her feelings on the subject,

The bus service is just brutal

The cost of bus fares is a particular issue for many people. A woman from Tallaght describes the 46 pence fare for the bus trip into town as


Another woman unhappy with the service is also critical of the condition of the buses,

They’re just filthy.

People complain about long waits for buses to arrive. Because the bus service is so poor one woman took the train into town. A man says he depends on his car because,

It is more reliable than the bus we have today.

Another man makes his feelings crystal clear about the bus service in Dublin,

I’d sooner walk.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 23 October 1981.